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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Qubix is a mobile app available on both Android and IOS that makes it simple to invest in cryptocurrency. Set recurring payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or you can make one-off crypto purchases, all through the Qubix app.

Currently, the Qubix app is only available in Australia via the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

You need to be at least 18 years old to create and use a Qubix account.

By setting up recurring purchases you can continually invest small amounts in cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum without having to monitor and time the market. Perfect for the time poor or if you’re new to crypto. 

No,  you can cancel your recurring investment at any time through the app.

Blockchain is a technology that secures your cryptocurrency transaction data by storing it in blocks and linking it to other user’s transactions to form a chain. While blockchain technology is primarily only used for cryptocurrency transactions right now, it could be adapted to be used in the future to secure other digital records such as deeds, passports and wills.

We’ve hand-picked 11 coins to provide users with choice without overwhelming them. While we’ve done our research, like with any investment, buying cryptocurrencies comes with risk. 

Yes, we are available on Facebook, Linkdin and Instagram.

Yes, when you are in your portfolio and select the coins you own, you can sell or buy more at your discretion.

Through the spread, the difference between what we purchase crypto for and what we sell it for. The usual spread is 1.49% – 2.5% on average.

You can, but you may incur trading fees, direct debit fees etc along with the spread the exchange is also making. Also, a lot of exchanges offer a lot of different cryptocurrencies. We’ve selected these cryptocurrencies on purpose because we believe they will be around for the long term, based on the team, fundamentals and the whitepaper, but we always recommend doing your own research.

No. In fact, if you come across anyone claiming to be able to provide you a guaranteed way to make money in crypto, we would caution you to question the individuals/organisation before proceeding.

Scammers are everywhere, especially since more and more people have moved to online work. The best way to protect yourself against scammers is to never share your passwords or sensitive information with anyone online and in your day to day life. Make sure your phone is protected with a password, code or biometric scanning.

Be cautious with any emails you receive randomly from companies you are sure you’ve never been in contact with, if you receive any emails and are concerned they are not from Qubix or have been contacted by someone claiming to be someone from Qubix, please email

No, Qubix will not be holding any ICOs, IDOs or IPOs for any crypto projects for the foreseeable future.

No, you can withdraw directly into AUD, however in the future you will be able withdraw crypto from the app.

Once you’re registered and logged in click the $ icon on the bottom left of your screen. 

If you don’t already have a recurring investment plan you’ll be asked to set one up. Follow the prompts to choose your coin/s, amount, frequency and account. 

If you’ve already got a plan setup you’ll have the option to edit an existing plan. 

After submitting your information, an email will be sent to verify your email address. Once that is done, you can begin to make purchases on the app.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Chainlink, Maker, Polkadot, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Tezos, Eos.

Your debit payment won’t be taken and you will have to wait until next week to accumulate crypto, you can still go in and make a manual one-off purchase.

Depending on the financial institution, they may prioritise debits if you have a few coming out on the same day, even if they come out at different times, for example a bill or a loan owed to the institution would take precedence. If that isn’t the case, please email

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